Posted by: b1ueeyes | September 14, 2009

Weird dreams and other random.

The last couple of days I have been feeling sick. Feverish, pian in the throat and back. This have lead to that I have not been sleeping well again. I have not wanted to go to bed as I have had these frightening dreams and woke up even worse than when I went to bed. My temperature have been measured to between 34-36 degrees celcius- which is not normal. I think I just have to replace it.

When I try to sleep I think about what I should do. Like getting a pair of running shoes to start moving my ass, or sign up to some fitness- even though I know how that would end. Expensive montholy fees and me lying on the sofa- eating snacks an feeling bad for not going there.
I have to come up with something though. Not eating is not a solution, eating healthy does not work- healthy food can not stop my hunger and I end up eating snacks and candy again and lacking motivation for exercising.
In the meanwhile I am just gaining and gaining weight and have more and more clothes I can not even get in in anymore. My body have changed completely since I moved here- which is of course not good since so many other things have changed also. Work, living, love, life..

I would like to visit Sweden soon again, but that have to be by bus. Unfortunotley this website with buses never work for me.. And 22-24 hours on a bus is not so very tempting. Flying is out of the question the way it is now, still having problems with my ears with the pressure- just by showering, walking outside or just by doing nothing. Hopefully I can get more answer with a solution on Friday. A lot of hospital visits now and forward.

Now I will take another glass(not cup) of tea, eat some chocolate (I am sick- that makes me feel better) and watch something online.. I have a list of things to do today. I really need to get some more- undisturbed sleep!


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