Posted by: b1ueeyes | October 25, 2009

How about some motivation?

Does anyone have some to spare? I do not feel like doing anything- just be at home- watch online TV, read news and look at flight tickets. No contact with anyone, just want to be left alone.

I have actually done something though- started to seriously consider my weight. I have never weighed so much as ever since I did a couple of weeks ago. Since we got a scale in the house (had it one year now) and I do what I was afraid of- checking. When I moved here, almost 2,5 years ago I started off with around 54-55 kilos. But the patat (fries), fried cheese, sweet fruit juices, one job with regular hours- sitting still, more sleep and more food have resulted in a increase in weight- now hit the 68 kilo one and realized month per month that the jeans had to go up in size.
I really try not to eat candy- instead I drink tea and eat fruit and eat half the food I would normally take per meal. In a couple of weeks I am down to 65- which is a small- but still improvement.

Besides that I am still a full time sofa potato. Every day I see a show called “take me out” in Dutch TV where there is 30 girls that want to go on a date. The guys sign up for the show and one guy comes in. He introduces himself with name, age and where he is from and then the girls are in- but can then press a button when they are not interested. The goal is to get a match. Then the guy have made a video- where the girls can see more of the guy- like what he is doing- what he is looking for or the friends are talking about him. Another selection from the girls. The girls who decide to be out or in- have to now and then give an explanation from the host why they are interested or not. And the reasons are really odd sometimes- wrong dialect, pants to high up, hair style, shoes, skin color and so on. It really seems like they are looking for anything to say. And the poor guy is so left out.

Back to the motivation- I feel most of the time drained of all energy and do not want to do anything. Not go to the store, not put on make up, not get out of the sofa in the weekends. And I know, complaining about it does not work- I know that. Maybe it is just the time of the year?

Anyhow- result and solution have come to my ear problems. I have allergy- against plants and trees (great) and have to have a nose spray twice a day with cortisone and steroids. I got a prescription for over a years use- the question is if I will us it..

Also thinking about Christmas- if I should stay here or go somewhere.. Time is ticking and prices are going up- have to make a decision soon.

Tickets are bought- both 30 Seconds to Mars- Paradiso, Amsterdam, November 19th and Maria Mena- Paradiso, Amsterdam, December 15th. Am very happy and excited to those events!

30 Seconds to Mars – Kings and Queens
30 Seconds to Mars- The Kill


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