Posted by: b1ueeyes | December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is the time when Santa comes, at least for me. And to be off work/ school, eat nice food, snacks, candy and drinks. Spend time with close ones. Have candles everywhere, a dressed tree and be inside while the snow is falling outside.

It is also a time to appreciate what I have and I am amazed how much the previous holidays have meant to me. When I was a kid it was amazing. Even though my parents threatened that Santa would not come if I did not behave, he strangely never saw me.. Every year seemed to be nicer and nicer. Bigger and bigger tree, more and more decorations, gifts, candy, food but also shorter.

Every year I have spent at my mothers house. If not on the 24th, at least then on the other days. But not the last 3 years. The first year I was new in the country and had just changed job. So I was in training on the 24th.

The second year in Holland we were in Berlin, Germany. It was amazing. First time in Berlin and I was blown away! There were markets, spiced- warm wine, cold but the city warmed my heart. Ate nice food, walked around and after a couple of days I really did not want to leave. This place I could easily go back to!

This year was in Amsterdam, again. Nice and relaxed at home. Managed to get some days off and have visit here. It is something about your- or at least my own home. I want it my way. And that means, in everything. I want to be alone in the kitchen, when cooking, doing the dishes, doing laundry and decorate. The last couple of days I have got slept long, eaten well but also a garden chair in my living room, a blanket to the garden, my undies folded, redone the dishes, removed wet paper from above the toaster and been woken up at night. Anyway, it is nice that is is Christmas.

I got some photos sent by email, from my family and it gave me tears. I miss them and wish that I can see them soon again.

Now I will continue to eat candy (bye, bye exercise and eating healthy), relax and play games.

Happy Holidays!


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