Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 22, 2010

No pain, no game..

Or something like that. I feel that I have started to get in routine with this healthy thing. I am going to the gym several times a week and can not imagine being without.
Somehow (yes, wonder why..) I managed to do more than I should last week. I still feel it. Anyway, went back twice to the gym and the muscle pain got even worse. Since Monday I have barely been able to walk, stairs is not an option and it even hurt when I was lying down! All over, arms, belly, armpits, legs, front and back..

I was thinking to go to another one on Tuesday but I really could not move. I was afraid that I could never get rid of the pain, but I partially got over it and I tried again today. And a bit disappointed.

I was going for a drink after work and miscalculated the time a bit so really had to stress to get home, rum upstairs, change, pack the bag, get the bike and rush out.. To find that the class was delayed. Oh well. It was a great class, nice combination’s and I managed (in my world) to do it all.. And then it ended. What? Only an hour! I could have gone longer. On the other hand, maybe it is good that it was shorter (it is actually one hour), so I can go again on Sunday and Monday without getting too damaged afterward.

Some nice relaxing computer time and home and found a new post in my sisters blog. Made me happy.
Not so many days left now. And yes, still working on the lists when I get the chance or remember something.

Tomorrow we will arrange some things in the city center and then meet a newlywed couple. Will be a great weekend!


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