Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 23, 2010

One lazy ass, hiding from the rain..

Up in Sweden they have many minus degrees and lots of lots and snow.. I try to think about that when I am unhappy about the weather here.. Rain, some snow, rain again, wind and cold. Not at much as up north, but still, cold for here..

It will just be better and better now, more fun and convenient (yes I am a lazy ass) to do things at all, cafes, go to other cities, markets maybe..

And, great news, saw that we have a Starbucks at the central station here. I am not sure when it came (not at that station so often), but happy. 🙂

Have to say that I was at the kickfun at my gym today again. Loved it! Nice music, new things, and new combos to do. If I could, I would do that every day! Better for the health, both physically and mentally. The perfect training for me.

Sunday was really nice, just watched shows online, eating candy, shower long, softy clothes, relaxed.. That is nice now and then, time to breath, think or not think at all.

Shakira – Gypsy
30 Seconds to Mars – Alibi


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