Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 17, 2010

Sexy, young and awesome…

There is tons of blogs in all kinds. There is cooking blogs, technical blogs, daily blogs, vlogs, fashion blogs, sex blogs and many, many more. Then there is this one. Which is not really defined. I do not post any photos of friends or family, no names to leave out anyone.

I wish I had an exciting life, with a lot of travel, party, had great tips of doing whatever, but fact is that I am just ordinary. I am not very outgoing, not young nor hot, not very smart or funny. Wish I were all of that though.

I wish I had boobs up to my throat, waist of a bee, trimmed ass and tiny feet. I wish I had long hair and flawless skin. Young, goal oriented and ambitious. It would be nice to be popular and funny, to be someone that is nice to spend time with. But again, I am the opposite, boring, a bit corky, goofy with low self esteem. The most action that happens in my life at the moment is the daydreams.


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