Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 20, 2010

What is the status?

Had my birthday some time ago, and shortly after got really sick. Have felt for a while that something was wrong and even went to the doctor here for a check up, but before I even got the results I had to go to the emergency doctor. Fever, nausea, headache, back pain and could not sleep- at all. Just say that I should have gotten treatment earlier. Got some pills to take every 6th hour- which did not give the me little rest I would have needed. Completely exhausted. Have not been able to do anything, everything was painful. Missed several gym sessions and work.
Feel much better now but still not fully recovered, still pain so have to look it up again.

For my birthday I got some me some cake and went to the pet store looking at possible pets, and got some really nice gifts- no pet though. That was the best part- just before getting sick. Have not been able to celebrate anything since I got sick so have to try to plan something. It was like the body completely crashed into the new older year- feel very welcomed being a new 25 plus year old something..

Oh yes, and spring have arrived, much warmer, flowers are coming and it smells different. Miss my family even more now, before it was as I was a bit sad since it was so cold and dark, now it is as I want to be outside, here if possible and show them how amazing it is here.


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