Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 22, 2010

One liposuction please..

I hate myself for letting go and let it go this far when it was under control. My weight have gone up and down and my feelings about my body have also changed.
Every time I change clothes I get reminded about how I look and I get sad and upset. It is too much in many places but the belly is the worst. Every time I get dressed I try to hide it and I think about it several times a day- every day. Try hard to suck it in but that does not always help and sometimes I forget and are visible with the fat showing how little I am in control of my own body.

For a while I have tried to get rid of it, and I know, I have to be patience, but still, I can not take this anymore. It really makes me sad and I want to focus on other things.
I try to think on what I eat, not too much, but still regularly, and exercise, but seeing all these people looking so great at the gym makes me want it even more. Is there not a faster way?

So sadly enough, I eat to comfort me, how ironic is that? I wish I could either look great now or just be hiding from everyone- even myself. What to do?


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