Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 7, 2010

To live in Amsterdam- public transport.

Ok, we have bus, tram, metro… When it comes that will say. Sometimes it can go one hour, no information, no replacement. Just waiting.. Good business for the taxis when I just want to get home.. Or come to work on time. On top of this, when they come- they are over crowded and the people on them do not move- at all! For a magic reason people tend to stand in the entrance doors- and refuse to move, even though it is plenty of space further in. If it is too much people on- or the drivers think so, the tram does not stop to let anyone one. How to explain that to work? “well, several trams came, but did not stop..” Sure..

Then we have the small talk on the tram. If I do not listen to music or read a book, it is very easy to start a conversation with a stranger, or that someone start one with me. So, often- I prefer to have my time on the tram, that is to have music and read a book- relax time.

On the trams, buses, metros- people tend to do their daily routines, such as eat breakfast or put on make up- not a little bit, but the whole story, foundation, powder, mascara.. Mascara a lot- I would never dare to do that due to how the trams are driving or people in them, I have issues to avoid the brush from the eye like it is..

On top of this we have the controllers.. They are often on to check that the travelers have a valid ticket. They are super nice, but would suggest they put more attention to update their website or working transportation.

And please note, these are my observations, not a shared opinion.


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