Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 8, 2010

What to say?

I had some interesting things to write about but changed my mind about them as I am not sure why I would share it.. Not for everyone’s ears I guess.

Had a nice day today. Really nice out now, the spring is here and I just feel happy- or have more energy. Want to do things, go out, have fun, read a book- or something- anything!

After work today I went around in shops to see if I could find something.. And I did, I think. Will try it and review the things I got tomorrow again. Is off as I work the weekend and have some things planned- again. Since I have more energy- I should be able to make it. The plan for tomorrow is:

-yoga in the morning
-watch a chick flick
-get some sun
-get the tickets
-kick in the evening

Ear candy:
Chris Brown- Crawl


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