Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 30, 2010

A storage place for a couple of banana boxes, please.

I called someone today and the call got wrong. Do not know if it is because I am extra sensitive or just very unlucky with the comments that was made.

First she said that she claimed to have understood a song to be a song advising people to do drugs- that is why the song was not in the finale. Tried to suggest that the song was about love- but the person refused to listen.

Then I was advised to clean out the rest of my things at home as she will do an apartment in the garage- that means that when I am back in Sweden for abut 4 days that I have to throw all the rest of my things as she does not have any room at all for them anymore.. Thanks.. All memories which I can not bring here due to weight/ size.

She wanted me to be happy for her for taking the decision to do this project. It was ended up with she asked if heard the latest comments/ discussions from relatives- I really do not want to be involved in. How about saying- “nice that you called, how are you?” instead of bla bla?

The money on the phone was running out so had to say good night. Hopefully I will have that too.


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