Posted by: b1ueeyes | July 1, 2010

Go away!

I hate you!

You are embarrassing, you think you can show yourself.
You are ugly- un proportional, pale and with bad skin. You think you can walk around normal people- but you should know better.
You think that no one likes you, that many people are talking to you in pity.
You are no one- you should not have high thoughts- you should go away and never come back. How can you look at people, looking at you- you should just look away.

You are fat, barely move and you should know better. Why don’t you do enough about it? You think you feel better by eating, just be on the sofa, melt away and fill yourself with more poison. You think there is a tomorrow to solve this, but you should know better.

You are not good enough- so why are you trying to think otherwise?

How to come out of this hell? You are the only one who can change this- who can you not do so?


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