Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 9, 2011


Sunday is a the best day of the week, no worries, no stress, no action. Just being lazy all day long and really just be. Be quiet, be silly, be useless. My list and me have decided to not do a thing today.

Many things have happened the last months, since I last updated here. Many good things. It feels like I have found myself again as I was lost. I feel happy again. I feel stronger and more with confident. I have learned a lot from myself, from others and also realized who are my true friends. It have been a rocky and painful period and I do not know what went wrong where. There is things I regret, things and situations I could have handled differently, but still, done is done- I can not change that, but should embrace that, and be stronger. Everything happens for a reason.

Wish you a happy and hopefully lazy Sunday!


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