Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 22, 2011


Ok, I applied for a position I have been thinking of for a long time. I did not have the requirements, but I was feeling that I could try anyway. I got an invitation for an interview, it actually went ok and then I got invited to a second one. I did not feel that it went well, I had stressed myself a lot before and was thinking way to much before. The weeks went and I already gave up, but still happy as I had really done well in my eyes. Normally I go really badly on interviews, but I was satisfied for what I had done.
Then It came- the answer and it was a YES. Woohooo! I was soo happy!

At the same time I am also sad, to leave the job I have now, I have never felt that I did not want to go to work. I never knew what happened and it was challenging every day.

For some time we have been looking at apartment, first we did not know what we wanted and after seeing 20-50 or so, we finally found out what we wanted. Then we just had to find the one available one that we both agreed on. And there it was! We went, we saw and we loved it!
After some negotiating with the seller, we came to an agreement and now we will arrange the paper works.

For the last weeks now I have been looking at the website and thinking/ dreaming of how it will be, how to decorate, and how it will be to be “adult”. We will soon have our own house!! (in Swedish: “radhus”) The house have 2 toilets, 3 bedrooms, 3 floors, big private garden and all is renovated in 2009. I cant wait to move there!
At the same time, we have to leave the apartment we have now.. Which we have lived in for over 3 years now. We moved in at is wall all new, we painted the walls ourself, we put the floor, added lamps and curtains. We really like the place we have, put annoying to know that the rent we pay is lost. Also, now when we move we will get 2 months deposit back- that will come in handy now when we will get new furniture, a big bed is the most important thing for me! The new place do nto need anything more, no flooring, no paint anywhere!
We want to take some of our plants in the garden with us so we are hoping that the move will not have to be in the winter.

Besides this, when I am already dreaming, I have some things that I really would like- when I can afford. I dont know the English words, and this list is mostly for me so I will write in Swedish:

Since we also lately have changed the car, maybe we can even drive to Sweden and being able to bring stuff back home again- specially since the above have a lot of weight.
If we go to Sweden soon, I also would like to buy more things that I miss:
– Loka and Ramlösa- A LOT. How come Sweden can manage to do so nice drinks without sugar, sukralos, aspartame and the rest of unneeded ingredients and not Holland?
– Svinto- the best there is in cleaning!
– Lösgodis- please give me some!
– Polar bröd- love this bread!

Over and out!


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