Who is writing?

Female and born in Sweden. Tried different occupations to find my way which have given me experience, friends and helped me overcome my fears. Have great family, friends and a furry pet. Lived in Norway for a couple of years, studied and worked. Then moved to Amsterdam where I am since June 2007.

Afraid of heights but love to fly. Try to be healthy but yet eat a cookie than nothing for breakfast. Enjoy to drive- preferably with loud music- then I feel free. I enjoy the silence but when opportunity is showing itself, I go out. I am shy but rather dance on a table when I am out as that is less crowded. I do not want to be noticed but have several body modifications.

Like movies, games, books and other activities while sitting, such as writing to watching videos online. Have a thing for writing lists, think a lot of how things are and why they are like so and further for the consequences. Sometimes I forget about them.

I am showing you my life, dreams, thoughts with parts from the past and present.



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